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Product Description

Best quality 5 brush rollover car wash machine system / full automatic rollover car washing equipment (C7)

Product name: Rollover car washing machine

Mobile / WhatsApp: +86-15900433321


Technical parameter

The technical parameter of C7 Rollover car washing machine

Machine Size L*H*W =2.85M *3.6M *2.90M
Orbit size Length: 8M / Gap: 3.2M
Swing arm size( Height ) 2.85M
Installation scope L *W = 9M *3.7M
Moving Range L *W = 9M *3.7M
Power Supply 380V 50HZ 12KVA
Water Supply Dia of Pipe :DN25   Flow ≥100L/min
Air pressure of usage Pressure 0.6~0.8Mpa / Flow≥0.1m3/min
Ground flatness deviation≤10mm
Vehicles available for washing Car,Jeeps,9 persons Vans
Size of available vehicles for washing L*H*W =2150mm*2200mm*5350mm
Washing time One reciprocating 2 minutes and 45 seconds, two reciprocating 4 minutes and 30 seconds

Configuration List

The detail functions of C7 Rollover car washing machine

Configuration Standard Optional
Sector supper swing high pressure water system 15bar USD1200
Foam function
Wax rain
Air dry
Two Reciprocating Air Drying
33 fault Self inspection
Automatic counting & storage

Detail of Machine

The details of C7 rollover car washing machine

C7 1


The advantages of C7 Rollover car washing machine

1: Side brush positioning technology, the shortest car washing machine in China, the length of track is only 8 meters.

2. Vehicle detection technology

3. Multi selection of car washing methods

4: Sector supper swing high pressure water system

5: Ultra fast car washing speed, only 3 minutes for each car

6: The technology of the side brush beyond the center line

7: Maintenance free TN lifting mechanism

8: Waterproof film button switch

9: 33 fault self inspection

10: The Japanese EVA brush no harm to car

11: 4 inch LCD screen, all English, the whole prompts SENTEC SALON V3.2 system security and stability

C7 2

Our factory

Warmly welcome to visit our factory to watch our rollover car washing machine ~


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