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Product Description

Tornado spray gun for interior /hand Car Wash spray gun equipment SS-G102

Product name: Tornado spray gun for interior

Model : SS-G102

Product Description


Technical Specification:

Model SS-G102
Weight 1.35KG
Rotationl Speed 8000rpm
Air Pressure 0.4 to 0.8 Mpa
Application remove stubborn stains in car interiors
Solution PH=7
Operate TEMP


Spray particle 5UM-10UM


It can remove stubborn stains on the surface of the mat, leather, plastics, dial plates and other automobile interiors   Cleaning more strong, more fast.


Reduction by 40% in weight working at low -pressure

Maintenance Method:

You have to clean and dry the tool after using it, otherwise, the liquid wuill damage inside the tool due to the dust and bacteria, so that cut down the working lift.

Clean method: make the bell into the water and hold down the trigger, then dry it and put it on the place where ventilated. Dry and have not sun shine. As below:

Clean the equipment, you only put the bell into the water and hold down the trigger about 1-3 seconds.


Please make the air compressor keep the pressure during 0.4-0.8Mpa. It is better for your cleaning effect.
Please confim that the Pipe is pushed into the bottom cfjoint before using, if not, it will hurt you.
Pease don't make the brush toward to your body, face and eyes when you use it.

It is best to use mask to protect your eyes and face when you use it.


Please stop to use it and back to factory for repair if the tools was demaged or have unusual during using time.

You have to repair, reform and check up the tool if have any question in our authorised maintenance center. We will not be in charge of equipment because of destroy from original parts, special liquid, repair and change the fittings by yourself, even if during the warranty period.


Sino Star car wash guns are packed with exporting standard, tough and safe.

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