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Product Description

China electrical steam car washer(SS-JNX-C)

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Product name: Steam car washer

Model series: SS-JNX-C


Sino Star Steam car washer standard Accessories:


Model SS-JNX-C
Steam Pressure 6bar / 87psi (Max. 8bar / 116psi)
Steam Temperature > 110°C
Preheating time 1 minute / 60 seconds
Power 4KW(steam)+1KW(vacuum)
Voltage 220V-240V 50/60Hz
Weight 20kg (steam)+8kg (vacuum)
Dimension 40*50*40cm(steam)
Feature vacuum & steam at the same time, single gun, without boiler
Water consumption 18 L/H
Water tank 9 L
Capacity of vacuum 10 L
Vacuity of vacuum 14BAR
Standard Accessories

6m steam hose,4m steam hose with a vacuum brush,5m vacuum hose,2 towels, air break switch,a set of brush,manual and related accessory

Advantage of steam car washer:


cut labour costs (30% less manpower)

•reduce water consumption (80% less water)

•cost savings on waste water purification.

•reduce disposal costs (90% less detergent)

•reduce system and line down time

•reduce toxic waste

•improve quality inspection

•use only pure water energy

•easy and safe to use

•no need to touch dirty areas or chemicals

•reach into angles and small cracks

•sanitize as well as clean



improve health, safety and overall appearance of facility

reduce exposure to chemicals

prevent handling of potentially harmful substances by employees

eliminate unpleasant odors

improve indoor air quality

reduce dirt and dust particles in the air

reduce risk of accidents

ensure clean, dry and safe walkways

minimize workplace noise for anytime cleaning



conserve water while reducing waste and pollution

maintain an environmentally neutral workplace

reduce chemical disposal

prevent ground water contamination

aid in maintaining cleanliness

minimize chemical packaging

reduce amount of waste products in landfills

lower carbon footprint of chemical cleaner production


What is steam exactly?

Steam is water which has been changed into a gas. Steam cannot be seen for it is colorless. The cloud of vapor that we see beginning about 2 centimeter from the spout of a teakettle is not steam. The real steam is in the space that seems vacant just outside the spout. The cloud we see is the water that the cooler air has changed from a gas form back into tiny water particles.

Steam is formed by boiling or by evaporation. At sea level water boils when it is heated to 100° C. Water also evaporates at lower temperatures. The steam caused by boiling is as hot as the boiling water. The steam caused by evaporation is not hot. Usually, the word steam refers to hot steam. When water reaches the boiling point, bubbles of the steam begin to rise through it and escape into the air. The temperature will remain at the boiling point until all the liquid has become gas. It requires 100 calories of heat to raise one gram of water from the freezing point (0°C) to the boiling point.

Steam fills more space than the water from which it comes, at the moment when boiling stops, the gas is 1,67 times as great in volume as the former liquid. At this stage it is called saturated steam, if heated more, it takes up even more space. Then it is known as super heated steam. The steam engine is built on this principle.

Sino Star equipment strictly obey "One Stop Service" spirit, supply best service to customers.

Since Year 2005, Sino-star gets more and more popular in the international markets for their durable quality, competitive price, timely and professional service, and its high-quality products have been exported to more than 30 countries, such as Europe, North & South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, as well as Africa.


Q: How do you control your production quality?

A: We have an independent QC team. Our QC teams do sample inspection, part inspection during production and 100% final inspection before each shipment.

Q: Can I have a visit to your company before placing an order?

A: Sure, welcome to visit SINO STAR. Our factories locates in Jiangsu province and Zhejiang province, our showroom is in Wuxi, Jiangsu province.

Q: What kind of support can I get if I am SINO STAR’s agent?

A: Bottom price, free catalog and gift for marketing, on site training.

Q: May I know the Lead time?

A:The lead time of our machine is 15 to 30 days.

Q: What is your payment terms?

We accept Alibaba Trade Assurance, TT, LC, etc.